Established in 2011....

This outdoor venue features over 4 acres of winding trails filled with nightmares of the kind you only whisper about in the dark of night. Located on property that is actually haunted, our creators have delved into the darkest recesses of human nature and recreated some of the most horrific crimes, demonic possessions, forgotten folktales, gruesome murders and the like to delight and terrify you.  If you survive, that is....


New for 2013....

       This year's theme will be : Spiral Into madness. Many of you liked the show last year but said it didn't last long enough. Well, we worked on that.  I'll be surprised if any of you are even able to ever leave this year's show.  *evil grin*

This year we are offering a truly interactive attraction, one like no other. You will choose many different paths to take you through worse and worse nightmares, all of which will be recreated in painstaking detail from true nightmares you submit to us. If you have a nightmare you'd like to see others suffer through, email us and if it meets our approval, we will make it real. 

 We're also the host site for a movie which has been filmed this last season, and one which is scheduled to be filmed later this year.  As we gain access to photos from the shoots and video clips, we will post them here, so stay tuned! 

 We're painfully  aware of the financial restrictions on many households so this year we will be lowering our adult ticket prices to make Halloween more affordable for you! :) 

Like us on Facebook... or we'll release the hounds upon you! ;)

Special Things to Know

Nightmare Hollow and its actors are available from the end of September to the beginning of November for private parties. Call 601-852-FEAR for details, times and pricing.  Nightmare Hollow also has vendor spaces available for the times we are open. Call for details :)


Also keep aware that there are corrupt forces at work. If for some reason you experience a roadblock which tries to divert you from our show or tries to show you a shortcut, it's not a part of the show and it's a fine example of small town politics. ignore the people at the roadblock and keep on straight north on 13 to Wellstown road, Just past the airport sign,  where you will take a right and head on down to to Hattie Winston road, on your left. :)

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  • "We came up last year and it was amazing! we had gone to some other haunts around the area and they were good, but this one was so different! For one, we only had to wait in lin..."
    David K
    can't wait!
  • "This was a good scare, we go to as many as we can during the season. There could have been more, but what was there was very good.. I'd give it 3 1/2 stars out of five this year..."
    Jason & Mattie Jenkins
    freaky is not the word
  • "we booked our daughter's birthday party here, thinking it was a unique thing to do for her 10th birthday. The staff were so nice. we had a hard time finding the place, our GPS t..."
    Rob & Kelli R
    awesome, nice people!